Monday, February 14, 2011

visiting 34/365

The last few days William and I have been spending time with some amazing people. We do love road trips very much, but we love being with Joy and Andrew even more that we have decided to stay a day long than we originally planned. I usually don't like to stay more than 3 days in someone's house. I hate intruding and messing up their usual routine and things usually start to feel awkward after 3 days. But with Joy and Andrew it feels like the longer we stay the more like family we become.

Maybe we'll never leave!

Most of our time has been spent sitting around their kitchen table and talking. It has been an incredibly healing and fun time. In their first year of marriage they lived in India, a difficult and life changing experience for them. They have also both received training and education in counseling and cross-cultural relationships. And to top it all off, they are pastors.

All this, and the fact that they are just totally wonderful people, make them perfect to talk to about transitioning back to living in the US.

I really love these people.

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