Saturday, May 29, 2010

Stroller Frustration

What I want is a Mommy Facing Stroller!!

Why is that so hard.

I want it to be ONE PIECE.(non of this take the freaking seat off and turn it around).
light weight.
single hand folding.
adjustable seat for baby to sleep in.
5 point harness.
RUBBER wheels.
and not feel like it's going to fall apart if I drive on uneven pavement.
I live in a stroller UN-friendly city and I want a city stroller.

I want it to hold a baby up to 50 pounds.
I'm not looking for a travel system that the baby grows out of . I want this to last me a while. I want my toddler to face me... not just my infant.

I want it to fit in the trunk if a bit so big car and still have room for a suit case or two.

I also want it to be no more than $200

Why is that so impossible to find. Are there really no moms out there that don't want their children always in their sight?

It would also be grand of the wheels that are in the front could swivel so I can steer properly.

I want an attachment parenting stroller.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A warm Night's sleep

The other day my Mom posted THIS blog post celebrating our family's love for Star Wars.

After watching the Jib Jab video several times, explaining to William who each person was ("Every one has funny hair.. it's hard to recognize them" he says) and laughing my ass off. I came across where you can buy your own Tauntaun to sleep in. (the creature that Han cut up and put Luke in to keep him from Freezing to death on the snowy planet of Hoth) That's right, a Tauntaun Sleeping Bag.

This is just too awesome. I think I need one. And do the Jedi Snow goggles come with?