Friday, February 4, 2011

24/365 Thursday

I've always loved Thursdays. I don't know what it is about them that always make me happy, but it just seems to be one of the best days of the week. I'm always happy on Thursdays.

Maybe it's just that we are past the midweek lull and on our way to the weekend but there isn't the Friday pressure to get stuff done before the weekend. It seems like a hopeful day.

After I graduated high school I worked summers at a plumbing store. Thursday was the day the boss wouldn't come in. We all still did our work but we didn't have to do it with him yelling at us. Maybe that's when I started loving Thursdays.

Anyway, I like Thursdays. Here's some fun things we did this Thursday:

Bonnie Rose and I put stickers on Valentine's Day cards that we are going to send to friends in China. I also tried to get her to "sign" them. That proved harder than I thought it would.

Baby Girl discovered the stack of VHS's in Nana's office. She loves sitting by them and looking at them. It's so strange to me that these are already so ancient in terms of technology. When she's older these will be like 8 tracks are to me now. She won't have any memory of them being in use because they were out dated even before she was born. But when I was her age they weren't even invented yet. That just seems weird to me.

For dinner Bonita had her first piece of steak. I've tried to give her meat before but she does really like it. Which is fine with me. I'd be fine if she ate only beans and veggies. But last night she actually took a piece of steak and chewed and sucked on it for a long time before she finally gave it to the dog.

And speaking of the dog... Bonita Rose loves to play in the dog food! She doesn't usually put it in her mouth, but she does love to feed it to the dog. She also likes to dump it out and then put it all back in the bowl. Her Nana is so nice and patient to let to do that and even plays in it with her.  I love these girls.
One thing I love about Thursdays in America is the TV shows that are on. I feel silly and very American in admitting this, but I am enjoying being able to watch American TV. Not that I missed it in China, but I am enjoying having it. 

The Thursday night line up is my favorite because there are three shows that I love to watch. Big Bang Theory, The Mentalist, and then Outsourced.

Bonita loves it when we all sit in the TV room and she can play while we watch TV. She likes to have us all in the same room and she knows that we are all watching her more than we are watching the TV.

Last night she wanted to get in on the action too. She found a book she hadn't read in a long time and wanted William to read it to her. So we paused the TV show, and we all watched her enjoy her book. 

I love how much she loves reading books. This one plays music and she was dancing to each tune. Look how happy it makes her!
So that was our Thursday. Happy Friday Every one and have a wonderful weekend!

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