Wednesday, February 23, 2011

2 more babies 44/365

2 days ago my mom's goat Angel gave birth to Cordelia and Cocoa.
Today another goat mama, Ava, went into labor.
This was Ava's first time having babies so the process was a bit slower. She was into labor for a while before she finally had her first baby, a girl. But then she really shocked us by running out of the birthing stall and dropping another baby. Ava was so small as a pregnant goat that up until last week I wasn't even sure she was really pregnant. We thought for sure she only had one baby and we were all very surprised to have her drop a good sized boy.

My mom says that goats are just like people, except with four legs. After helping Ava take care of her babies I think that's a pretty accurate statement.
Like most first time mothers, Ava was kind of freaked out and didn't know what was going on.  I think she was just as shocked to have a second baby as we were.  After we got her calmed down she finally started to warm up to her babies and cleaned them up and nursed them.

My mom is a professional goat midwife and lactation consultant now. She sat outside for 8 hours today helping Ava give birth and then learn how to nurse and care for her babies.
At first we were scared we were going to lose one of the babies because they were so small and Ava was too freaked out to mother them. But after my mom worked her magic we are very happy to have Clara and Clarence join our family.
Meet Clara
Welcome Clarence
My mom even had to "massage" Ava to get her placenta  to come out. Actually it was more like wrestling her . I think my mom is going to need a long hot bath and a massage after all these babies are born. We have 3 more mama goats waiting to give birth. My mom has been going out every 3 hours to make sure every one is safe and warm. I know she's exhausted.

Baby Bonnie is really enjoying all this time out in the goat pen. She really bonding with the goats and comes in smelling like them every day.

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