Monday, February 21, 2011

Aunt Mae, the girl in the mirror, tacos and marshmallows 41/365

Sundays are usually restful days. Baby likes Sundays because every one gets to play with her instead of go to work. Yesterday Aunt Mae needed some help with her internet so we went over and played with her while my mom worked her magic in the computer. Baby thinks Aunt Mae is a lot of fun and always gives her lots of smiles and laughs.

She even lets Aunt Mae tickle her.

Another thing Baby Girl likes to do is kiss the baby in the mirror. I've been trying to get a picture of it for weeks and yesterday I finally did. Baby Girl thinks the baby in the mirror is very cute. I tend to agree with her...
and here she is giving the mirror baby kisses.
Then she was trying to see behind the mirror. I guess she's looking for the other little girl.
After our visit with Aunt Mae we drove around and my mom showed me the old farms around us. It was such a beautiful day. We enjoyed the sunshine and even drove around with the windows down.
For dinner we had one of my favorite meals of all time. Tacos! I love Taco night. I always have. When we lived in China we used to make tacos for our Chinese friends. It was alot more work then though because we had to make our own tortillas.

Not only can we buy corn tortillas now but we discovered that we love to make the tacos with spicy Tennessee Pride sausage in stead of seasoned beef.

Oh how I love taco night.
Baby likes taco night too!
And for dessert pink marshmallows. For Valentine's day I bought William a coffee mug that I can write love notes on with chalk and heart shaped marshmallows. He seemed to enjoy both of them. Who says boys down like heart shaped things? Especially when you can eat them.
And what better way to end a Sunday than with a lovely cup of hot chocolate.


  1. I received a bag of those heart shaped marshmallows for Valentines day. (As marshmallows are one of my favorite things.) I ate the whole bag in a day...

  2. my cup is the cup with one because they are William's and I didn't want to eat his gift but yeah. they are super yummy. I should have gotten my self a bag too. hehe.