Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Today was the first day that our Baby Girl did more walking than she did Crawling. She walked all over the house completely by her self and she really seemed to enjoy her new freedom.

She squealed with excitement when she realized she could actually chase the cat.

She's growing up so fast and her hair is getting so long.

 She's also growing into such a lovely little girl. She loves putting bows in her hair and having every one tell her she's a pretty girl. Tonight after dinner she came our of the bed room wearing this lovely bow and wore it all evening. If it came off she asked for it to be back on and she loved admiring her self in  the mirror. Of course we all told her she was a pretty baby. Because she is.

Today the weather was cold but clear. I got to see something I'd seen picture of on Flickr but never seen in person before. I got to see the ice cycles on a bush melted and then frozen again over the leaves of the bush. In the bright sun it was so beautiful. I had to take picture of it.

 Along with my "a post a day" New Year's resolution I've also been doing a Flickr 365 project. I try to take an interesting picture each day and I post it to Flickr. Some times I post the picture here too. Mostly it helps me get out of the house and I'm hoping it helps my photography improve. 

Today's pictures turned out surprisingly well so I thought I'd post it here.

This shot is "Straight Off Camera", meaning that  I didn't crop it or touch it up at all. 
This is just how it came out. I'm quite pleased.
It reminds me of winter diamonds.

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