Friday, February 4, 2011

10 Days Till Valentine's Day 25/365

That's right folks.
There's just 10 short days till Valentine's Day.
I love Valentine's Day.  Ok, I love all holidays.
But seriously, what's not to love! Especially in this post Christmas winter, what else is there to bring color to our lives and to look forward to?
Plus you get to tell some one you care about that you love them.
How could that be bad?

So. What should you do for Valentine's Day?

Well first, get your self out to your local grocery store and buy some of that seasonal candy!
It's all packaged so nicely. So festive.
My favorite are Red Hots. I love their spicy goodness, but I really love that you can only buy them one time a year.

Then make sure you have something festive to wear. Pink or Red are usually the standard. Or something with hearts on it. I got Rosie a new pink shirt and matching bows for Valentines Day. I'm having her wear it early so we can get as much festive use out of it.

So now that you have your festive candy and your festive shirt it's time to spread the love to others.

This year Rosie and I are sending out cards to people because this is my first Valentine's Day back in the States and I'm planning to take full advantage of it. We got a package of 8 cards at Target for $1.99

If you have someone really special in your life, maybe you should think about getting them a gift. Especially if you are a guy with a special girl or guy in your life.

When talking to guys I usually suggest to just go with the marketing. It may be dumb. It may be over the top.  And it maybe over priced. But it will make your girl feel loved. My husband always says "Valentine's Day is for girls."  He knows that if he gets me ANYTHING with hearts on it that I'll be happy. It's just the fact that he makes an effort that makes me happy.
Flowers and Chocolate are the two best things that you can get a girl for Valentine's day. How can any one not feel loved with flowers and chocolate?

But let's not forget our men! Valentine's day is a little harder for us girls. Just buying something spattered with hearts isn't going to get him excited. So we have to put a little more thought into it.  If you want to keep it festive you can get an iTunes card or an Amazon Card that has hearts on it. Those are great gifts for guys. Pretty much any gift card is good. Or you can make him a gift bag of his favorite candy and snacks. ( I really hope my husband isn't reading this hehe)

Ok. So here's what I think you should all get that someone special in your life.

It's a Chocolate and Coffee gift box from Full Circle Exchange and the proceeds from this gift go to to help fight poverty with a special focus on women. I know. this is a shameless plug. But this is the perfect gift for a guy or a girl AND you can put a free personal message one the box with your loved one's name on it.

Please think about helping out this organization this Valentine's Day and let your love go twice as far.

Oh yeah. You have to order by February 7th in order for it to arrive by the 14th.

And by the way, all their Chocolate is Gluten Free!! (I emailed them and asked them.)


  1. Aw, this makes me even more excited for Valentine's Day. I already gave Stevie his gift - went the easy route and got him a video game, which he loved :) I'm excited to see what he gets me, heh

  2. Well I'm just happy that some one else out there is excited about Valentine's Day. I think it's a fun and sweet holiday. Please let me know what Stevie get's you. Not that it's about the gifts. but it just makes it fun. :)

    hey, didn't he propose last year?

  3. Yep, he proposed on Feb 5th of last year - crazy it was just a year ago. so much has changed since then!

    I'm excited about Valentine's Day because of Stevie having a nice husband makes the holiday a lot more fun :) and I will definitely let you know what he gets me... hehe

    I hope you and Rosie and William have a magical Valentine's Day (sound cheesy, but all holidays should be magical :) )