Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Big Game 27/365

Tonight was the big game. (American) Football fans everywhere gathered to consume large amounts of beer, junk food and watch football. The nation was divided into 3 groups of people. Steeler's fans, Packer's fans and those who really didn't care.

William and I are usually in the third  group but since this was our first Superbowl back in the US of A we thought we should at least participate in the all-American sport of watching the expensive commercials and movie trailers that are aired during the show. Plus we thought it was a great excuse to consume a large amount of junk food.

Here is our Superbowl feast of Angus hot dogs, home made guacamole, chips, salsa and cream cheese and of course beer.

Aunt Mae sent over a foot ball for Bonita to play with.

Baby scores a touch down!

Then she wanted to play her favorite game of "where do you want to go next" where she likes to be carried around and points to the places she wants to go and then laughs and laughs when she gets her way.
The boys watch the game while the girls chase baby through the house.

I managed to watch a few of the commercials and this one was my favorite by far.
(be sure to turn your sound up)

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