Friday, February 18, 2011

Another warm day 39/365

Today was another warm day and Baby Girl spent most of it outside with her Daddy.  He took her to feed the goats and pet the cats and dogs. She really enjoyed being able to walk around and explore the back hard on her own.

She also discovered her pocket for the first time and really enjoyed putting rocks in it.
Here we are walking down to the mail box.

One of Baby's favorite games to play is to tease the dog with food in her hand and try to get him to chase her.
She is getting so fast!
 Baby Girl's Nana decided it was her job to corrupt our baby and gave her the mixer to lick from the muffins.
Baby Girl was very excited to have her own mixer.
She was also very excited to share with Andy.
When the muffins were all done she even got to eat her own muffin.

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