Thursday, July 30, 2009

Highlights from Miriam's Visit

Here's a picture of Miriam on her first day in Shanghai. William is an expert in Chinese breakfast street food so he took her to find some. Some how we managed to have her come during the HOTTEST part of our summer. It's about 8 or 9 am in this picture and already in the 90's.

The first day she was in shanghai was Saturday. We didn't ease her in at all. We figured she'd already been in Beijing for a week so she must be a pro already. We went to Yu Garden. There's lots of fun shopping and eating and pretty buildings there. did I mention it was HOT?

Here I am bargaining and translating for Miriam in a shop. I did ALOT of that during this trip. Both my Chinese and my Bargaining improved during the 2 weeks.

Of course we did ALOT of eating during this trip. Partly because Miriam appreciates good food and it was an excuse to go to every good restaurant we could think of (and fit in to the 10days) and partly because I like to eat... and I'm always hungry.
Here I am at my favorite place to eat in Yu Garden. I was ordering hungry and got a little carried away... William had to stop me before I ordered one of everything on the menu.

Naturally I ordered too much... but it sure was good!

Which reminds me. I'm hungry... I need to go find some food...

Monday, July 27, 2009

Collage Grad Suicide

Suicide is the main cause of death among College Grads in China. This year it's rising because most of them can not find jobs in this bad economy. Every year more students graduate, every year the unemployment rate goes up.

The kids have not hope because they have put their hope in the money they would make after graduation.

Keep in mind... many of these kids are only children.

They need hope.

Two links on this issue

Monday, July 20, 2009

Miriam's Visit

Well we all survived this super hot week. We were having a very nice calm and cool summer until Miriam got here. Then it decided to be super hot and humid just for her. Actually it was "supposed to" rain the entire time she was here but we had really amazingly clear and beautiful days... hot ones.

We all had fun though. I think we went to every major site in Shanghai.. well almost. Miriam went to the major museums by herself because I couldn't keep up. She was unstoppable. :o) We also did ALOT of shopping... but hey.. it's Shanghai.. that's what you are supposed to do here :o) and we went EATING even more hehe.

China is always overwhelming when you first get here but Miriam did a really amazing job at adapting to the crowds, the language and even the heat. She's definitely a pro now.

She's on a plane right now on her way home... this will be the longest day of her life as she will be traveling for like 24 hours but will still arrive in Reno (by way of japan and San Fransisco) just a few hours after she left Shanghai.

We are going to miss her. We already do.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Really? are you sure?

A Restaurant I came across the other day...

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Foreign Babies in Shaghai... a story.

So I read EVERYTHING about babies these days. I'm a nerd. I can't help it.

But when I get tired for doing research on labor and delivery I like to cruise random blogs. I'm a blog reader.

Anyway, I came across this blog by a girl who lives in Shanghai. She got pregnant here but delivered in her home country and then returned to our lovely city.

Now, Foreign babies are VERY popular here! They have "Big eyes" and aren't given sugar formula from day one so they aren't over weight. They look different from Chinese babies and that brings alot of attention.

Upon returning to Shanghai this girl went for a walk with her baby in her sling (on of those things that keeps the baby close to your chest) and, according to this lady's blog, a Chinese woman came running at her from half a block a way shouting "shao bao bao shao bao bao" or " little baby little baby"
The Chinese women ran right up to the girl with her hands out and tried to grab the baby at which point the mother grabbed the woman's hand and pushed it away. This offended to Chinese woman to tried again to grab/touch the baby sleeping against her mother's chest. At which point the mother tried to punch the Chinese lady (the mother is Latino) and ran away with the Chinese lady shouting insults at her.

I just thought you might like that little story of life here in shanghai. :-)

You can read the original story for your self here if you don't believe me

Pregnant in Shanghai

It's very interesting being pregnant in Shanghai. Every one as advice for you. Which I think is pretty common in any part of the world. The interesting part is the advice they have.

For example, If you are pregnant you should:
-not eat ice cream or cold food because you should freeze the baby
-not use the computer, cell phone, microwave or other electronics because of radiation.
- you should also wear one of these lovely things over your clothes to protect the baby from Radiation.

... it's a lead lined apron/shirt. and trust me... NONE Of the ones I've seen worn by the girls here look nearly this cute. And it does NOT seem like great summer wear if you ask me.

Since I'm not wearing the apron a friend of ours gave me a bracelet of crystal beads that are supposed to absorb the radiation out of my body. Unfortunately I don't think she realized the "crystals" were actually just plastic.

Also on the list of Do's and Don'ts:

-Don't work.
-DON'T do house work ("you might bump your belly on the edge of a table or something" I was told)
-Don't drink ANY coffee
-Don't wear heals or any height
-Don't walk too much, or exercise.

Pregnant women here cut their hair short so they don't have to wash it very often as taking a shower can make you cold. And can expose your body to wind... and that's bad for the baby...

There are some other great tips and stories that make me laugh and cringe... but I can't remember them right now as I'm hungry again. More on being pregnant in Shanghai later...

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy Independence Day!

So how do you celebrate your American Independence in China?

I'm sure there are lots of ways but this year we decided to keep it simple.

And what better way to celebrate the good ol' U.S of A than to have Ice Cream for dinner!

Baskin Robbins JUST opened about a week ago in our area and I was very excited about it. They have all of the classic flavors that we grew up with (except the bubble gum one... but they have cotton candy!!) and so we treated our selves to TWO SCOOPS!

And Then....

We went and saw Transformers 2 in the theater because what better way to celebrate America than to watch a remake of an old Japanese cartoon that has been turned into a 2 hour blow things up fest and ends up being a really cool commercial for American cars. I mean really, how more American than that can you get? :o)

Happy Fourth of July every one! We hope you had a fun one.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Now it's time for "Good Idea, Bad Idea"

Good Idea: Selling budget airline tickets in this bad economy so people can still afford to travel.

Bad Idea: Selling "Standing ONLY" Airline tickets.

Here's the article that appeared on one my favorite sits today- - about an airline that is actually considering selling "standing only" tickets. Can you imagine trying to go to the bathroom?!!

My favorite quote from the article is:
In the new model, passengers would be sitting on something resembling a bar stool with seat belts tied around the waist. The president of Spring Airlines likened the experience to "catching a bus, with no seat, no luggage consignment, no food, no water."

Seriously China? Seriously?