Friday, February 25, 2011

Thankful Thursday 45/365

I know it's been three months, but I'm still getting used to how easy it is to be able to buy cranberry things in The States.

Cranberry juice is my very favorite, but I also like cranberry sauce, cranberry jello, dried cranberries and whole cranberries. Pretty much I love anything cranberry flavor.

Aunt Mae makes this amazing cranberry jello with nuts and fruit and whole cranberries in it. I love it so much. She brought a dish of it over the other day for my mom and it was almost gone within an hour of her bringing it. It's SO good. I could probably just eat a whole pan of it myself.

On Saturday when we went grocery shopping I passed the juice isle and couldn't pass up the temptation of buying some cranberry juice. There are so many flavors of it! Cran-apple, and cran-grape but I think just the straight cranberry is my favorite.

In China it was really hard to find cranberry stuff. We could find cranberry sauce once a year at the import store but it was expensive and they ran out really fast. Once in a while they did have cranberry juice and I always wanted it but it was so expensive. Almost $10 for one bottle!

Once, for my 30th birthday, William bought me a bottle of cranberry juice and some pop sickle sticks. That was such a great birthday present! I made it last a long time and it was especially good because I was pregnant and really really hot all the time. I used to make cranberry juice pop sickles and eat them at the hottest part of the day. Or just when I wanted a treat.

When I come across a whole isle of cranberry juice at the grocery store it still feels so exciting and indulgent. I'm really happy it's cheaper than $10 though. I still think that cranberry juice is a  good birthday present for me. But maybe I can have two bottles this year. And maybe Aunt Mae's fabulous cranberry jello salad.

I'm also very thankful for these two beauties

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