Thursday, February 10, 2011

Fun in the Grocery Store31/365

We're on a road trip. I'm writing this from a hotel room while William watches bad TV and Baby Girl walks in circles and sings. We have sitting-in-a-car-too-long tiredness.

We drove for about 4 hours tonight. It may have been longer actually. We had to drive pretty slowly since it starting snowing just as we left Nashville. For a while it was a little difficult to see the road but luckily William grew up in the mountians so it was no problem. Plus there were really cool big trucks that were spray a salt like substance on the road.

Like Father like Daughter
Since it was cold and snowing we decided to make our dinner and restroom stop at a Kroger's instead of a rest stop. It was warmer and we could let baby walk around.

This was our first time going to a store with Baby girl since she's started walking on her own. It was SO much fun!

Baby was so cute walking around the store that people actually stopped to watch her. She brought a smile to everyone's face.

She had so much fun pushing the cart.

We walked up and down almost every isle, hoping to wear her out, and when we got to the Valentine's isle she squealed with delight and then ran to kiss all the stuffed animals.

We had such a hard time getting to come away from there. Every time William would walk her away she would turn and look for the isle again. At one point she ran from three isles away and found the stuffed animals again. She gave them all kisses again before we left.

It was the most fun I've ever had in a grocery store before. She's the cutest thing in the world.

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