Monday, February 21, 2011

Birthing Babies 42/365

 William gets up early.  I do not.  My excuse is that  I still nurse baby much of the night and that doesn't always allow for as much sleep as I might like.

This morning William came into the bed room just in time to see me open my groggy eyes for the first time and announced that Angel was in labor.
"It will be a while still but the babies are coming" he told me and then handed me a cup of coffee.

Thinking in human terms I assumed "in labor" and  "a while" meant that I still had a bit of time. I drank my coffee and checked my email and Facebook and then woke up my Baby Girl to giver her some morning cuddle milk. She was still waking up and nursing when William came bursting in a few minutes later and exclaimed "TWO BABY GOATS!"

"Already?! I thought you said it would be a while?" I couldn't believe how fast they had come.

I got Baby Girl and myself dressed and we went outside as fast as we could. We spent the rest of the morning outside with the goats.
We even ate our breakfast out there and only came in after Baby Girl was tired and ready for her nap.

Meet Coco
Meet Cordelia

 The two baby goats are doing well. The first one born is brown all over and weighs 9 pounds. We are calling her Coco.  The second baby has the most beautiful brown ears and I named her Cordelia. (I'm happy I finally get to name something that.) She weighs about 6 pounds.
My mom is a goat lactation consultant

 Baby Girl had so much fun playing with the goats. She was out there with them for hours giving them kisses and hugging them and patting them. She is such a little farmer baby.
 The other goats were very curious about what was going on. Here's a picture of Bonita telling Bella all about the baby goats. Bella and Bonita get along really well.
So that was our exciting morning. We're waiting now to see who gives birth next. Hopefully I'll actually make it out there to see next time.

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