Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Sneak Peak

We had a wonderful Christmas and I hope you did too.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Sitting on Santa's Knee

I know this picture is super small but I wanted to share it with you because it is just too cute. (I'll have to scan the original when I have time)

Aren't my babies so smiley!! I think this is my most favorite Santa picture ever. Both Babies were so happy to sit and talk with him... well there wasn't much talking really. Rosie just kept giggling, which made Obi laugh.

 I love my Santa Babies.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A Christmas Post

I still have several things to show you from this Fall... like our rockin' awesome All Saints Day party... but I want to show you some of our Christmas doings around here.

We've been keeping very busy making gifts and going shopping and doing all we can to really enjoy this Christmas Season. I'm SO glad we started in September because it's coming SO FAST that there's no way we would have had time for everything before Christmas if we hadn't started early.

Rosie was quit the little decorating elf. She LOVED putting up the Christmas tree and she buzzed through the house keeping us all on track decorating the rest of the house for Christmas.
Obadiah loves the Christmas tree too. He likes to poke it with a for and see if it's worth eating.

 Speaking of Obi, he's making the cutest faces lately! he's fully mobile and climbs on everything. Here he is chasing me around the living room. Silly little guy.
 I always love the time of Advent. Our church has the prettiest Advent Wreath. I keep trying to take pictures of it but they blow the candles out so early after church. So a couple weeks ago I look my camera out during church and tried to sneak this picture. My friends made fun of me for it after church. Apparently I wasn't sneaking enough.
 It's becoming a little tradition of our church to go over to Father Michael's house and decorate his house for him.  Rosie is did most of the Christmas tree while William put lights on the roof. Thankfully, it wasn't raining this year while he was doing that.
Last week we broke into Father Michael's house with some friends of ours and put a train for him under the tree. He loves trains so we thought having his very own train would be fun for him. Gregory was there to help too but didn't feel like being in the pictures.
 Rosie is enjoying this Advent season in her Sunday School class.  She loves story time the most but I think she also really enjoys the coloring and crafts. She's always so happy to show them to me.  During story time she's always front and center answering all the questions. 
 The Gaylord Hotel in Nashville always plays a special part of our Christmas activities.  They always have FANTASTIC decorations that make you go "oooo" and "AAAAWWWW" at every step.
Rosie had been asking all week if she could go the Christmas Castle and ride the train. So on Monday we took a family day and had a very Christmasy day. Rosie was so happy to get to ride the train.
Obi was happy to get to crawl around in the play area and play with blocks. He was also very happy to be hanging out with his Daddy.
And my favorite part of the entire wonderful day was when Rosie went shopping all by her self.  In the Gaylord's Holly Jolly Christmas Village, where you can see Santa and ride the train, they have a General store for kids only. The parents get to sit outside against a partition wall (where it is easy to keep and ear on your baby on the other side) while your dear little one can pick out a gift all by them selves and, with the help of the store assistant, wrap the gift and make a card.

Rosie was so excited when I told her what the place was that she laughed out load and jumped up and down.  She was so eager to do it that she was on the other side of the partition wall before I even got finished asking her if she wanted to do it!

Here is my big little girl with the present she picked out and wrapped all by her self. She was very insistent that the present was for Mommy and Daddy and that it need to go under the tree. I can't wait to see what she got me!!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Halloween 2012

I know it's almost Christmas and I'm writing up a Halloween post, but my kids were just too cute to not share these pictures with you....

We managed to squeeze Obi into the Tigger costume that Rosie wore for her first Halloween when she was less than 2 weeks old. Obi was 6 months old. but the costume still fit and he made a very adorable Tigger.

After going to Mass... yes in costumes... we headed over to our friends' house for a wild good time.

The Ginters know how to throw a party... there was a bon fire with marshmallows and candy for everyone. Pie, apple cider, deviled eggs, fresh pop corn and hot dogs!

And the whole family was dress up too!

We were met by Yodi and a Jedi master...

And Rosie's little friend Gregory wanted to be a knight because he heard Rosie was going to be a princesses. Aren't they adorable.
Katie was the most adorable witch I've ever seen with a broom and black cat and everything.
Here's another picture of Obadiah.... just because.
And another of the knight and princess. They chased and followed each other around all night long. They were so cute.
Obi found a Poor bear to play with! Now he's a real Tigger.
Andrew made the most adorable Yoda
The party ended with a Mickey Mouse Halloween movie and all the kids cuddling on the couch ...

I love these kids. They are so much fun and it's so nice that my babies have such sweet friends to share and play with.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Rosie turns 3 (part 2) The Party

 When I asked Rosie what she wanted for her Birthday she said "Pink cake. And cupcakes... and ice cream. .... and for my friends to come over."

So that is exactly what we had and did. The day after Rosie's birthday her friends came over for cupcakes and a "Princess Party."

I took Rosie and Obi for a photo shoot by my front yard decorations while we waited for her guests to arrive. 

This was the first time Obadiah had sat up all by him!  I'm glad I got it on camera.

He likes to eat grass.... such a good little goat.

Here's our happy little Princess, a full grown 3 year old.

 It was such a beautiful Fall day! perfect for picture taking!
Here are Rosie's friends, The Ginter Family.
 After cupcakes and presents we all went outside to see the new baby goats that were born the day before and we ended up playing in the leaves...

 Erin made a life time friend...

Rosie discovered how fun it was to throw leaves at every one...

Poor Gregory didn't stand a chance...

 Leaf diving much more to Gregory's liking...

Luckily Erin didn't mind playing rough...

 Erin is Rosie's special friend... she'll fallow Erin any where.

Then I found out that Erin loves Basil. We had a forest of basil in our garden that I wanted to get rid of... she helped me out.

 Andrew liked eating the basil too...

Rosie spent all day out side playing and running around. It was the best birthday any 3 year old could ask for. Complete with pink cake, cupcakes, ice cream and really good friends.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Rosie Turned 3

 Remember this adorable face?

This was Rosie at 5 months old

Here she is at just 3 weeks old on a Skype call with my mom while we lived in China.

How did my little tiny baby grow to be such a big little person??!

In October Rosie turned 3 years old...
Every one sent her something for her birthday and she had so much fun opening all her beautiful packages. She was so much fun to watch as she opened her gifts and exclaimed over each one how great they were...
There are a lot of picture here of her surprised little face because it was so adorable.
Here she's very happy over the books her Godmother, Aunt Julie, sent her and the pretty post card of the famous book store. (She said she wants to go to New York, NY and visit the book store).
Here she is very excited about her very own scarf that Nana crocheted for her...
and it's purple too!
She was eager to put on the nail polish Mommy got her (safe for kids, non-toxic)
Nana got her new purple shoes! Rosie's feet are growing so fast and she's a huge fan of Pink and Purple.
Daddy got her a new pink soccer ball, that made her very happy.
And Grandma Miriam and Grampa John sent her a whole bucket of Dinosaurs!
Rosie loves Dinosaurs
She got a princess dress from mommy too.... but the dinosaurs were more fun.
Then Daddy took Rosie to the park for a Rosie and Daddy play date.  She's such a big girl and can climb up on the slides all by her self now!
Of course we had to have cake. She said the wanted a pink one....
So it was pink on pink....she also picked out princess plates, napkins and a table cloth all by her self.

Happy Birthday my Darling Girl. You are the lift of my life and your smile lights up my heart and the hearts of every one who meets you.