Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pink Cast 43/365

Yesterday, since we had a new addition to our family, we spent all but a two hour nap in the goat pen. It was really fun watching the baby goats go from slimy little things to soft and fuzzy babies hobbling around. It's amazing how fast goats grow. I think they got taller right before our eyes.

Angel, the mama goat, was kind enough to let us hold her babies once in a while. They are so cute and cuddly, but every time I picked one up or every time one of the baby goats nursed my baby girl would ask to nurse too. At one point I was holding one of the little goats and Bonita walked over and sat almost on top of the baby and then frantically asked to nurse. Poor Baby Girl was a little jealous.

By the end of the day my darling daughter smelled like a goat and she desperately needed a bath. We both took a long bath and I soaped her down twice.

Today Bonita was so warn out from her day outside that she slept most of the day. We also had a lot of special mama and baby cuddle time.

Meanwhile, back in the goat pen, little baby Cocoa's back leg was bending the wrong way and she couldn't walk on it. My mom and William took her to the vet and she came home with a little pink cast on her leg. It's sad that she has to have a cast but she's already walking around a lot better.
She was even able to stand up and nurse today, something she couldn't do yesterday.

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