Thursday, March 28, 2013

Our Little Fishies

 One of the things Rosie was most looking forward to when we told her we were going on "a trip" was swimming.  She has such a good memory and she remembers from our last hotel stay that hotels have pools.

Of course that was when she was much smaller so we had to stop and buy her a new bathing suit on our way up to Chicago.

I also got her a pair of water wings because I loved them when I was a kid. William said he used to hate them. Rosie didn't seem to mind them... but she also didn't seem to figure out how to use them. oh well.

Obadiah is a little water baby. He loves baths and he loves being in the water.

He really liked the pool for a while but then he wanted to be let go so he could wiggle off on his own... except he can't swim so that frustrated him.

Rosie is more like me. She likes being in the water as long as it's not too cold and she doesn't have to get her face wet.

William is going to have his hands full teaching these two adorable fishies how to swim.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Road trip

William gets go travel all the time.
I say "gets to " even though its for work because he gets to visit new places, meet new people and see interesting things. Yes he does have to work...but it's still pretty exciting when you get to visit new places.

Last month he got to go to Puxatony And visit Puxatony Phil, the ground hog. Now that is exciting.

This month he has an assignment near Chicago. And since he's wonderful he let me come with him, even though I decided to join him at the last minute.

I love Chicago so much. Even in the bitter cold it's a pretty great town.

And I'm very greatfuk that William was willing to let me and the kids tag along.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Obi's Mustache Party

 As you know Obadiah turned 1 last week and we had a Mustache themed party for him with some friends from church.

We made a mustache cake and mustache cookies and cupcakes with mustaches in them. All gluten free of course.

We played "Name that 'stache" and I wish I would have gotten a picture of every one crowded around the pictures trying to decide who wore these famous mustaches.  You'll just have to take my word for it, it was a pretty fun game.

Oh yeah, and we all wore mustaches.

I think Evan wore 4 different ones through the course of the night. It was hilarious. Every time I turned around he had an different 'stache. 

The younger kids really enjoyed playing in Rosie's play room...
 Katie and Erin looked great in mustaches...
 We had mustache themed everything, even straws and cups....
 William even grew out a silly 'stache
 more mustaches...

 I love a full table. Especially when it's a full table of kids...
 And now there will be a hundred pictures of Obadiah eating his very first cup cake ever... and very first sugar...

 he wasn't sure why he couldn't have the fire...
 it was a slow start...
 "not really sure about this mommy..."
 "what? you like yours?"
 "ok let me try it again"

 "hey! that's pretty good!"
 "want some Daddy?"
 "do you want some too? "
 "I like sharing"

 "any one else want some? This stuff is pretty good"
 "wow. I feel FuNnY"
 "You gave your baby sugar!"  (that's Evan in another mustache)
 Present time!
Obi was a fan of the musical lawn mower. So was Gregory.
 Obi liked his cards
 He took a while reading each card.
 Homemade paper! I love homemade paper.
 "Wow! This book makes noise!"
 By the end of the night the sugar crash had set in and Alyssa had a very crowded lap of some very tired babies (including the very pesty Andy dog).

 You know it's been a good party when Rosie and Gregory start laying that they are tired and want to take a nap!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Adorably Green

 Here are some pictures from the St. Patrick's Day party our church had today.  It's very fun going to a church called St. Patrick's on St. Patrick's day.

Most of these pictures were taken during the clean up stage of teh party since we were all too busy having fun and socializing during the party.  

The kids had so much fun playing with the balloons and streamers. It's so fun watching them all play together...