Sunday, February 6, 2011

Lion Dance 26/365

Today the Chinese Arts Alliance of Nashville performed the Chinese Lion dance in 6 different places in the Nashville area. We showed up late for their 2:00pm and had so much fun we decided to follow them over to their next one.

The first was at a small public library but we had a chance to meet and talk to some of the performers and they even suggested a good Chinese restaurant. Baby got to meet one of the lions up close and personal.

The second show we went to was even better than the first one.  The show started with 4 large drummers that were really good. Then 3 lions dancing "lions" came out and danced.

Bonita was fascinated by the drums. She clapped her hands and bounced to the beat...

Then the lions came out...

She wasn't sure about them at first. She wanted to be safe up in her daddy's arms for the show but I think in the end she really liked the show.

After the show we went to have Chinese food. We had been craving it for some time and especially with it being Chinese New Year we really wanted some. So we check out Lucky Bamboo. As you can see William is very happy.

Bonita Rose really loved the restaurant. There was a pond with fish it that she loved walking around. Bonnie loves fish and this was the first time she'd seen them in a pond. She wanted to get in with them and she kept making the sign for fish.

She almost didn't want to sit still for dinner but then she tasted something she'd never had before and loved it. DUCK! Baby Girl LOVES Cantonese style duck. William said she should considering how much I ate when I was pregnant. Like Mama like Baby.

 We were very happy to be eating Chinese food again and some of the dishes were really good.
Our favorites were the sour and spicy soup, the beef and tofu hotpot, and the fishy fried rice. It wasn't exactly like eating in China, but it was a nice taste of "home". Because Shanghai will always be a kind of home to us.

We ended our meal with the good old American tradition of fortune cookies.

It was a great day and a wonderful way to celebrate Chinese New Year.
To top off a good day we sat around and watched an old family favorite, The Happiest Millionaire, while Rosie ran circles around the coffee table.

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