Monday, February 7, 2011

Pictures 28/365

We've been bad. We've been very bad.

Stevie and Annie got married last year and NONE of our family had ANY pictures of them up in our homes. Not even dating pictures.

We were very bad.

To be fair. My mom didn't have any modern pictures of Stevie at all. She had a ton of him as a kid. But some how adult Stevie just didn't make it into the pictures. 

It's not because we don't love him. It might be because he's the cutest one of us though.
My friends in China call him my "VERY attractive brother."

Anyway, after 2 and half years of dating and 6 months of marriage, we finally have pictures of Stevie and Annie up!

My mom ordered lots of great pictures from of Stevie and Annie.
And she even managed to have some frames for some of them
But my favorite addition the house is the completion to the wedding frame. 
The picture of my mom and dad in this frame is one I've grown up loving. It's kind of comforting to have it up on the wall again to see every day. It's also incredibly special to have all of our own wedding pictures under Mom and Dad's.

If you still don't have a picture of Annie and Steve up here's a really great one that William took right after they got engaged. He took it with one of his old film cameras. Or you can ask me and I'll send you some on shutterfly.


  1. aw, you're the best michelle :D

    I love the wedding frame. that's such a special piece to have, and so exciting that it's complete :) I also love that all the photos are in front of trees - on purpose?

    side note: I find it hilarious that my hair is different colors in almost all these pictures :P

  2. I didn't notice that - we must like trees in our family!

    I wonder if it counts that, over the last 2 years, I've purchased several prints of Stevie, and Stevie and Annie. I'm just not sure where I put them.

    Oh, I did have one adult picture of Stevie, one that Katie took of him and Luke. I think it's on the bedroom wall. Does that count?