Thursday, December 31, 2015

12 Days of Christmas: Day 6 - Christmas Parade

One of the most exciting small town traditions is the annual Christmas parade. Actually, I think big towns have Christmas parades too. 

This year we didn't just go to the parade, we were in it! And not just one parade, but two!  

On Saturday we were in the county parade and then on Sunday we were in our local town parade. 

By "we" I mean we joined other members of our church to represent our church in the parades. 
We decorated our stroller and the kids and I had the very important job of passing out (or tossing) the candy. 

We may have broken into the candy a little to keep the babies from fussing. 

Rosie was so cute. She picked out her outfit and ran and walked almost the whole parade route passing out candy. 

We didn't have time to put together a whole nativity so we decided we would all just walk with Mary and Joseph as they traveled to Bethlehem. 

Our alter servers looked pretty fabulous. 

Beth was a fellow candy passer-outer. Unfortunately she also had knee surgery not too long ago and was quit sore after two days of walking. 

This is the only picture anyone got of me and the stroller in the parade. We were pretty proud of our festive stroller. 

On Saturday, Rosie made it almost the whole parade running back and forth passing out candy. At the very end she asked for a break so I took Obi out of the stroller.  He couldn't keep up so Vince ended up pushing the stroller while Obi and I got picked up by the search and rescue float. That was nice of them and very funny. 

On Sunday we walked again in our own town's parade where our church is actually located and we won first place!!! Yes, it's a small town and a small parade but it was still very exciting to us. 

We all really enjoyed being a part of the Christmas celebration and hopefully we spread some joy and smiles as well as reminding people what the season is really all about. 

I'm already planning for next year. By the way, in the maket for a nice friendly donkey. 

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