Tuesday, December 22, 2015

25 Days of Ornaments: Day 22

When I was a kid my family had annual passes to an amusement park called Knott's Berry Farm. 

Knott's had an old western town we used to love to explore.  One of the shops was was a glass blower's shop. I used to love to watch the artists in the shop manipulate the hot glass into beautiful pieces of art. 

I don't actually remember if the above ornament came from that shop, but it makes me think of the shop and of all the time we spent there. 

We also loved the candle shop and the live theater where would watch A Christmas Carol every year. 
We have some pretty great Christmas time memories from Knott's. 

We've actually had this ornament for so long that I don't remember where it came from. 
I love the simplicity and elegance of it. And I love the memories I've attended to it. 

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