Monday, December 7, 2015

25 Days of Ornaments: Day 7

We moved to China on August 1 2007. 
Our first Christmas was a little lonely and very quiet. Christmas isn't celebrated in China. Especially in smaller towns like the one we lived in the first six months we were there.  It's just another work day. 

I was determined to take advantage of any Christmas activity and cheer I could find. 
Some how I heard about a Christmas market a German restaurant in Shanghai was hosting. It's was the first week of December, we took the train into Shanghai and some how managed to find the Christmas market. 
The market was festive and lovely with mulled wine and lots of Christmas crafts. It actually became one of our most anticipated Christmas traditions while we lived in China.  We bought this Christmas ornament there. It says "Love" on it in Chinese.  

This was our first Christmas ornament we bought for our first of three Christmases we spent in China. It always reminds us of the quiet Christmas moments we shared in China. 

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