Saturday, December 5, 2015

25 days of Ornaments: Day 4

When I became Catholic I used to joke that it was because they had so many more holidays and feast days and that I was just doing it for the parties and celebrations.  While it was technectly a joke, I really do enjoy all the excuses to celebrate.  

I love throwing parties and celebrating even the smallest thing. Heck, once I even invented a holiday with my brother called Chronoheximatica! (That was a holiday that only lasted for one second on 01/02/03 04:05:06) 
 This is why I always tell William that Pinkie Pie from My Little Pony is my spirit animal.  

Her special power is laughter and she loves to celebrate.  She once threw a surprise party for any holiday she might have forgotten or didn't know about yet. That's so great! 

So obviously when William say this Pinkie Pie with a Santa hat he knew he had to get it for me.

He knows I'm crazy, and he's ok with that. 

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