Friday, January 1, 2016

12 Days of Christmas: Day 7 - Gaudete Sunday

The third Sunday in Advent is called Gaudete Sunday. Which translates to rejoice or joyful Sunday. On that Sunday the priest wears pink (or as they like to call it "rose") colored vestments. 
Therefore, we call it "Pink Sunday." 
We love pink Sunday. We love to wear pink and see pink and it's one of our favorite Sunday's of the year. 

This year "Pink Sunday " was even more special because this year is a special Jubilee Year in the Catholic Church and Holy Doors all over the world (and in our diocese) were being open. 

Holy doors are wonderful things. 
Here's a picture of Pope Francis opening the most special door in Rome. 

In Rome the last time this door was opened was in the year 2000. Since then it's been covered up with brick and mortar. They had to un-wall the door so the Pope could open it. 
Passing through this door is a sign of actively making a pilgrimage to make your self right with Gid and to grow closer to Him through His mercy. 

After the Pope opened the super fancy one in Rome he told the bishops around the world to open holy doors in their dioceses so everyone could have a chance to make that personal journey towards Christ. (You do not have to be Catholic to go through the door). 

And guess what day Pope Francis chose  to have all the holy doors open? 
Pink Sunday of course!! 

I had been planning to spend Pink Sunday in Nashville anyway at one of the super fancy old churches but when I heard the holy door was being opened we had to go! 

So off to Nashville, to St. Mary of the Seven Sorrows we went to be at Mass at 9am. 

It was early but we were all happy and excited. And we were all wearing pink. 

Baby didn't know what was going on, but she was excited about it.

St. Mary's is the oldest church in Nashville and used to be the cathedral until the "newer" one was built. 

My lovely pink family in the old box pews. 

My darling family going through the Holy Door.

St. Mary's is the heart of downtown Nashville and is very old.  They have these cool steps in front that the kids liked playing on. 

Rosie talking to Father Baker. She likes him a lot. We've visited him before. Also, we like his pink and purple vestments. I think Rosie is telling him those are her favorite colors. 

Standing in the Holy Door. We drove and hour and twenty minutes in the morning to see it opened. I was going to stand in it for a picture. Plus just in case you get extra mercy or blessings the longer you stand in it (you don't.  But just in case). 

St. Mary's is a lovely old church full of history and Father Baker is amazing. I highly recommend visiting both. Father Baker is wonderful at helping the mass and the liturgy come alive. He makes it seem so beautiful and simple while still keeping it holy and sacred. He's able to keep my kids' attention while still appealing to the liturgy nerd in me. 

The Holy Door will be open till November 20, 2016 so there is plenty of time to visit it. There is also a holy door at the main cathedral in Nashville. 

If you're not in Nashville look up the Holy Doors near you. Pope Francis said every one should make a pilgrimage to a holy door. You don't have to be Catholic to do  it and it's pretty fun. 

If you are Catholic you should definitely do it. 

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