Monday, December 28, 2015

12 Days of Christmas: Day 3 - Columbus Zoo Lights

I might be counting the days a little wrong for the twelve days of Christmas. I might be a day behind. But that just means an extra day of Christmas for me, and is that really a bad thing. 

Plus the Catholic Church doesn't start Ordinary time till January 11. So really Christmas Tide even longer than 12 days. 

Today I would like to share what we did as a family the day after Thanksgiving to kick off our Christmas celebrations. 

We went to Dublin, Ohio for Thanksgiving.  The day after Thanksgiving we went to the Columbus Zoo for their Christmas "zoo lights". 

Rosie wanted me to take this picture of her because she forgot her special bear and wanted to show her pictures.  I sure do love this sweet girl. 

My boys

We got there at dusk before everything got really impressive. But even at that hour it was beautiful. Rosie loved this rainbow tree. 

Happy boy just wanted to see some animals.  He was impressed with the moose. 

We saw miniature cows.  William wants some. This is as big as they get!

The lights were amazing. There was even a light show on the lake that was sponsored by Disney.  And we all took a train ride through some nicely decorated areas. 

It was cold so Margaret got to wear her new winter hat. She kept running off and making everyone who wasn't her mother chasing after her laugh. 

After wondering around with the whole family for a while ( cousins and aunts and uncles and Nana and Papa and Grampa Coleman ), our little family stayed behind to explore a little more. 
The kids loved the Christmas decorations   And then we found an old friend!

We saw Santa!!  Obi wasn't sure what he wanted and Rosie said she wanted Santa to put candy canes on our Christmas tree.  At least that's what she meant to say. Really she just said she wanted a candy cane for Christmas and Santa reached down in his bag and gave her one! She was so surprised and excited. 

Obi later decided he wanted ice skates. Although I did try to persuade him he might want a tool set. 

If you're ever in the Columbus area make sure to visit their zoo. It is one of the top five zoos in the country and it really is amazing. 
But if you're ever there during the
Zoo Lights time do not miss it. It was spectacular. And very festive. 

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