Tuesday, December 8, 2015

25 Days of Ornaments: Day 8

I hesitated posting this ornament because it's kind of boring looking, especially in a picture. But it's a special one to me so I decided to share it. 

In early November 2007 we traveled from China to Malaysia. It was a horrible trip.  I mean, it was awful. Our travel accommodations were crap. We were forced to eat durian (it smells and tastes like dead animal.  It is hell on earth). I broke out in hives all over my body. We were traveling with a group....There was just a lot about the trip that was not wonderful. 
But there very clear memories I have with William that are so sweet and happy. There were moments we slipped away from everyone and explored and enjoyed each other's company. Despite all the things that were awful, there are some pretty great memories from that trip. 

We bought this ornament in Malaysia at a  little street market. We were so happy to be in a country that celebrated Christmas (they do not celebrate Christmas in China). This ball really looks Malaysian to me. It reminds me of Malaysias artistry. 

This Christmas ball always reminds me of my world travels with William and of always finding a way to make the best of things.  We had fun making our own good memories on that crazy adventure and this ball always reminds me to keep doing that.
I'm so glad to have a partner whois always   willing to go on adventures with me  and to make the best of things. Even in trying times. 

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