Monday, September 29, 2014

St. Patrick's Irish Picnic -- 2014

It wouldn't be Summer without St. Patrick's Irish Picnic.

It's the biggest event in our area. People come from out of town to attend and often use it as a good excuse for a family reunion.

This year they had a bouncy house that was perfect for little kids. Rosie really liked bouncing her whole body on the blow up turtle.

The Fishing Pond is always a big hit with both my kids. Obi worked really hard at it.

Rosie enjoyed it too... they like catching the fish more than they care about the prizes.

I think they'd rather stand there and just fish and not care a bit if there was a prize.

Our most favorite booth is the duck pond.  We always spend the most time scooping up duckies at the Duck Pond.

I have a picture of Rosie at this booth for the past four years.

Look at this picture and then go HERE and see how much she's grown since our first Irish Picnic in 2011.

 Obi took scooping up the ducks very seriously.

My little Duck Pond Darling
 After the Duck Pond Obi fell asleep so Rosie and I went to play the other games while Obi and Nana when to sit and listen to the band.

This year Rosie was much bigger and got to play all the big kids games.
I walked around with her and let her try any of the games she wanted.
I even let her try dart throwing game.
The girl working the booth was a little scared for her safety.
It was Rosie's first time throwing a dart and she aim was a little crazy.
 Much to the chagrin of William I let Rosie play Gold Fish game too.
I really didn't think she'd win so I didn't think there was any worry of ending up with a gold fish.
Boy was I wrong! 
She won on the first toss!
And we were the happy owners of this little gold fish.
She was a very happy girl.

William worked the Knights of Columbus funnel cake booth.
Look how official he looks in his Knights apron.

Rosie REALLY wanted this bunny and kept playing the Soft Ball Toss until she finally won. 
Or rather... until the very sweet person working the booth "helped" a little.
They were very kind to and Rosie was a very happy girl for the rest of the day.

And since we were winning so many great prizes and playing so many fun games it was time for some ice cream.
 Happy ice cream face.

When Obi finally woke up he wanted to play some more. So back to the Fishing Pond we went.

As always the Irish Picnic was wonderful. I think I enjoy it more and more every year.
It's so much fun to see the kids grow each year and be able to play the bigger games. 

This was the first year that Rosie won so many prizes!
It will be fun to see Obi next year and see how many of the ball tossing games he can do. 

It's also much more fun now that we've been part of the community here. 
Our first year we didn't know any one, but this year we were stopping and talking to everyone and we know almost everyone at all the booths we stopped at.

The St. Patrick's Irish Picnic is always a highlight of the Summer for the entire community.
I know Rosie looks forward to it all year long and so do I.

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