Monday, September 8, 2014

Space to Run

You now that thing pregnant women do called "nesting" where they get all crazy and start tearing the house apart and rearranging and reorganizing and redecorating?

Yeah. That's what I've got going on right now.

So one day I decided I NEEDED to move all the furniture out of the sitting/TV room and really clean and mop the floors. And maybe even rearrange the furniture a bit.

The kids thought it was great fun that there was suddenly this big open space they could run around in. Maybe it was the pancakes with lots of syrup or maybe it was just the excitement of having the room totally different but they got pretty hilariously hyper and ran around in circles for a good long time.

(You can see our little vacuuming robot on the floor there. He's a Neato Robotics Vacuum. His name is Dobby. He's our House Elf.)

The thing Rosie is chanting in this video is "yellow leaf, on our bush" over and over again. Apparently she saw a yellow leaf out the window on one of our bushes and was so excited about it she needed to chant it. No idea why. Did I mention the pancakes with lots of maple syrup?

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