Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Happy October

Happy First Day of October!!

We were very ready for Autumn, so over Labor Day weekend we went to Ross Farms Produce stand and got out first pumpkins of the Fall season. 

Just look at these adorable happy Autumn babies. 

Cutest kids ever.
We've been celebrating Autumn since Labor Day weekend. But since today is the first day of October I thought I'd officially wish every one a Happy Autumn.

Here are some of the things we did in September to celebrate Autumn...

 We bought pumpkins
 and mums
 William and the kids re-potted the mums into nice pots

 The kids painted their pumpkins

 And we decorated the front door way.
(This isn't quite done yet, I'm hoping to get some more pumpkins and a ribbon or something for the top of the front door... but it's a start.)
 The kids did a really nice job on their pumpkins and then covered them with glitter.
We like glitter.
We use it in every craft.
Feel free to send us more... we are always running out.
 And the kids made these lovely meal time prayer reminders.
They painted (and glittered) the place mats all by them selves and then we glued it all together and hung them over the breakfast table.

 For our Autumn party the kids wanted to try a caramel apple.
So of course we had to get one.
 Rosie was very excited about it.
 Obi wasn't so sure about it... he tried to eat it with a fork.
That didn't work too well.
 He wasn't at all sure about how sweet and sticky it was.
 He finally enjoyed a few bites before declaring he was all done.
 Rosie ate most of her pieces... at least there was no more caramel left on it.

 I hope you have a special way to celebrate the turning of the seasons, when ever you start.

Personally, I'm listening to Christmas music today. 

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