Monday, September 22, 2014

Pool Days -- July 2014

Our view of the pool from our hotel room
One of the things about the kind of work my mom and William do is they get to collect hotel points. If they save them up for long enough we get to stay in really amazing places for vacation.

That's how we got to stay at the Hilton Bonnet Creek in Orlando. A whole week on "frequent flyer" hotel points.

It was amazing.

The main reason... ok maybe the only reason we picked this hotel was for the pool. It's the only hotel in Orlando with a lazy river. I do love a lazy river.

We had a view of Epcot and Hollywood studios from our hotel room. Every night at 10 pm we would watch the amazing fireworks show in Hollywood Studios from the comfort of our room.

In the evenings the pool area hosted a movie. You could sit in the chairs or float in the water and watch a Disney movie. Rosie was pretty excited about that.

Every morning the hotel staff would leave messages with the towels for us. We could see them from our room.
It's the little things that make me smile.

As usual we planned our vacation around the pool with lots of time to be in the pool. The kids loved being in the water and since my dad had a broken foot it wasn't good for him to be doing much else anyway.
The pool was so big that every one had their own floatation thingies.

You could just sit and let the current take you around the lazy river or you could stay in one of the big pool areas at the center of the river.
The kids actually liked staying in the main pool area because it was a "zero gravity" entrance pool (like walking into a beach. A gradual depth increase with no steep drop off).
They liked that they could touch the ground and walk around on their own if they wanted to.
Plus the lazy river made Obi tired. 
It was really relaxing.
He took a nap with me in the pool for a while.
Papa could float around too.
With his Disney bag wrapped around is leg...
... and a floaty just for his leg. 
He was the king of the pool.

Rosie really loved being able to touch the ground in the pool... and do her "mermaid dancing."
Obi was a pretty happy baby in the pool too... despite never smiling for pictures.
Sometimes, being Florida, it would rain or lightning. 
If there was lightning the alarm would sound and everyone would get out until we got the signal it was past.
One time it POURED rain but there was no lighting. 
Rosie and I were in the pool then. 
It was funny watching everyone run out of the pool to stand under umbrellas. 
Rosie and I didn't get out. I figured we were wet anyway. Why get out?
We stayed for the whole rain storm and had the lazy river almost all to our selves. 
That was super fun.
Look at them. Aren't they beautiful?!
Me and my babies.

Our first day in the pool we just put our stuff on the chairs provided and hung out. It was nice. We ordered pool side food and drinks and it felt very fancy.
But then Dad spent the night throwing up from sun stroke and the really bad sun burn he got. 
So then we decided (ok... mom decided... she's my hero) to get a cabana. 
At first we couldn't see how it would be any better than just hanging out in the chairs.
Oh but it was...
Dad lounging and reading
Not only did we get extra comfy chairs, and shade in our own little tent. But we also got food and drinks.
And a TV. 
We got to watch the World Cup Soccer game.

It was SOOO relaxing and comfortable.
When we needed a break from the pool and the sun we got out and ordered drinks and snacks.
And the kids got the relax and play together in a safe place.
Actually I think that was the best part for me.
I didn't have to worry that they were going to wander off into the pool or get in some one's way or trip one of the servers OR get a sun burn!
They were happy and content and had plenty of space to play if they wanted to. 
And since I didn't have to worry I got to read and take a nap. 
I think we all took a nap that day.
We stayed in the cabana or the pool all day that day. I think it was 9am till 9:30pm.
It was the most amazing and relaxing day of any vacation ever.
I think it's pretty safe to say that Dad had a pretty nice birthday.
We all had a pretty fantastic time.

Playing games on the iPad

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