Friday, July 29, 2011

St. Patrick's Irish Picnic, Day 1

Every year the town we live in has a huge Irish Picnic, hosted by the small Catholic church and school.  This year is the 157th Irish picnic and we've been looking forward to it all year, as has every one.  Today was finally the opening day of the Irish picnic and I couldn't wait to get there and enjoy the festivities.

Bonnie Rose wore her Irish dress for the occasion. Here she is "smiling for the camera."
The star of the Irish Picnic is the BBQ. People come from all over Tennessee and even from surrounding states to buy pulled pork and roast chicken and get a jug of St. Patrick's famous Sauce.
I was pleasantly surprise to find there were a lot of carnival games to play where every one got a prize. Rosie loved the fishing game the best.
She was very happy to win a blow up doggie for her excellent fishing.
There's a picture of them putting more wood on the fires for the pork shoulders they will cook tonight. They will slow cook them all night long and in the morning there will be lines of people there to buy them.

Bonnie Rose also like the "Ducky" game. Pretty much she just likes games with water and was very content to just stand there and play with the ducks for a while.
"William go stand by the fire pits so I can take a picture of them." Poor William. They were too hot to get too close to, but he's a good sport.
William tried playing the tick tack toe game with Rosie but she just kept dropping the balls on the ground and laughing.
The booth people said we were the most entertaining customers they'd had all day and gave us a little prize for the good laugh we gave them.  But most importantly Rosie had fun.
Tomorrow we'll try to get to the picnic early enough to get some famous BBQ. We'll also go hear Uncle Joe's band play and hopefully play some more games. But mostly we'll go to do what every one else goes to do there. Eat  BBQ.

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