Monday, September 15, 2014

Disney World -- July 2014

We went to Disney World in July.
Yes. Again.
 My dad's birthday is in July so we thought we'd take him to Disney World for his birthday. Who doesn't want to go to Disney World for their birthday! Plus, the last time we went "the boys" (my dad and my husband) didn't get to come with us since it was just a "quick trip."
We planned this trip to be a proper vacation.

First, before we left, I got my hair done, because who doesn't want to look nice while on vacation. I went a little lighter and I got pink and blond highlights for fun.

When we drive to Florida we always stop at the Florida Welcome center just across the boarder.

 They give away free orange juice and grape fruit juice that is just amazing and they have bathrooms and tons of information about stuff to see in Florida.

The real attraction, though, is the kids play area and the picture spots.  They are very small and simple but Rosie always knows exactly what picture spot she wants to take a picture in and who she wants to pose with.  She has it all planned out before we even stop the car.
 Here the kids are playing in the Florida orange growers display.
From the rest stop/welcome center it's just 4 or 5 hours to Walt Disney World (depending on who is driving).

We arrived at our hotel a day before my dad was to fly in. We had planned to just hang out but then we decided we really did want to see The Magic Kingdom while we were there.
We had talked about skipping it this time since it was July and would be really crowded and since we (the kids and my mom and I) had just been a month and a half before. But we really do love that place so we decided we just didn't want to miss it.

The best way to start any day on vacation, especially a day where you're headed to one of the parks, is with breakfast in bed.
Every princess loves room service.
And little princes too.
And when you're on vacation you should have chocolate milk for breakfast.
Room service is actually quite convenient if you want to get an early start on your day. You don't have to fight the crowds at the hotel restaurants and you don't have to get everyone dressed before breakfast.
You just call the night before, place your order, and tell them what time to drop it off. It's wonderful. 
Also, if you travel with the assortment of food allergies we have in this family it's actually much easier than dealing with an over busy, distracted waiter and talking to the chef in the restaurant.
Often times it doesn't cost any more than eating in the hotel restaurants anyway. So paying the same amount for better service and no crowds?
It's just easier all around. 
Plus it's magical and makes you feel special.
Since it was July, the busiest time of year at Disney World, we wanted to get to the park as early as possible.  We got there right after opening and ran into the the Magic Kingdom City Mayor and his singing city counsel.
I didn't even know there was a Mayor. 
He was very nice and sweet.
After wandering around Main Street for a while we headed to Obi's favorite ride.
The Sleeping Beauty Carousel.
It's one of my favorites too.
We also went on my very favorite ride, It's a Small World.
 William and Obi fell asleep.
I gave William a hard time about it.
Poor little sleepy Pirate.
One of the very nicest things about going often to Walt Disney World is that you don't have to feel rushed to see everything every time.
You also forget to stop at all the picture spots and to take lots of pictures.
We did take this one in Gaston's Tavern in Gaston's Chair.
It's a huge chair.
Gaston's is actually my favorite place to eat in the The Magic Kingdom. They have the most amazing pork shanks and the Lefou's Brew drink is wonderful on a hot day.
I really wanted William to have a chance to try both of these treats.
Being July the park was crowded but it was not miserable.
We went the week after July 4th which turned out to be the slowest week in July. 
Plus we weren't looking to ride everything. Just our favorites.
Rosie got to ride Peter Pan for the first time, which she loved and couldn't stop talking about for days.
Obi picked Pirates of the Caribbean (really William picked it, but Obi was pretty happy that we were going to see pirates).
Then we left the park early.
It was hot and we were all tired and my dad needed to be picked up from the airport. 
So we went home for a nap and dinner.
It was a lovely day in the park. Very relaxing but still very magical.

We ended the day with a Disney movie and an early bedtime so we would have lots of energy for our day in Epcot.

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