Sunday, August 14, 2011

St. Patrick's Irish Picnic, Day 2

 Well it's been a while but the St. Patrick's Irish picnic was super fun. After the first night at the picnic I dreamed about eating the pulled pork all night long. As soon as we got up on Saturday morning my mom and I went to the picnic grounds to buy some. I nibbled on it on the way home. It made a wonderful breakfast. and lunch... and a few other meals after that.

Even though things were in full swing fun in the morning when we were there to buy our BBQ pork we didn't go to play till that evening.  Joe's band was planing around 7 so we went about an hour before to make sure we got good seats.

While we were waiting Rosie and I got our faces painted and William and Rosie shared a funnel cake. Actually she just ate the whipped cream.
 We went to all the game booths again and had fun playing in the bubble machines. Rosie loves bubbles and really enjoyed dancing in and chasing the bubbles. She also wanted to go back to the rubber duck booth where she stood and played in the water with the ducks for about half an hour.
 Here we are wandering through the picnic checking out all the good food they had.  I made William try the deep friend Oreos. He was less than impressed. 
 One lady walked up to us and said we were the cutest family and asked if she could take our picture. It was like a little taste of China again.  It's nice to be seen in public with such adorable red heads.
Finally after some technical delay due to a little rain Joe's band, The Dotson Brown Band, took the stage.  They were wonderful, as usual. Rosie enjoyed dancing to the music and climbing on her Nana.  She very much enjoyed her time at the Irish Picnic and I know we are all looking forward to it again next year. 
It's always the last weekend in July if you're ever in the area.

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