Friday, April 8, 2011

Final Moments in Truckee and 2 flights home 87/365

We are home in Tennessee now, looking back on our last couple days in Truckee I'm so thankful for such a great visit and for such amazing weather.  We had beautiful spring weather the whole time.  It was perfect for baby to play out side in
Baby, Grandpa and William dig in the snow
Grandpa John and William built Baby Girl a sledding hill but she was more interested in the neighbor's dog that came to visit. I think William had fun sliding down the hill but Baby Girl is not a lover of speed.
She does love to be outside though and especially loves to walk in the mud and puddles. Although she does NOT like to do so in her bare feet.
On one of the last days in Truckee Baby Girl and I took a walk together to find a nice safe place for her to run around.
We found a nice flat and quiet place over by the train tracks that had a calm little stream for us to walk in.
Then we sat on a rock and nursed for awhile. It was so peaceful with the trees and mountains looking down at us.  This was one of my favorite moments of the whole trip. It's nice to have some alone time with my baby.

After her snack and cuddles Baby Girl walked around and examined the rocks and ants for a while.

She was so serious about examining everything. She really does love to just be outside, even if all she does is sit in the dirt.  She doesn't seem to like the dirt and sand to stick to her feet though, so I let her walk around in just her socks while her shoes dried out.
 Baby Girl also really loves to watch the birds outside Grandpa's kitchen window. This has been one of my favorite views for years. It was kind of fun that Rosie loved it so much as well.

While in Truckee we stayed in Boomtown, a local hotel and casino.  The rooms were very nice and it was great to have a king sized bed. We didn't get a chance to explore the fun things they have there since William got the flu and we were really tired at the end of each day, but it was very nice and conveniently located. The house keeping was very very good and made our room up everyday. It always smelled so fresh and they would fold the towels differently every day. I really enjoyed staying there. It was a great place to let baby run around at night (in the very nice sized room) and nice to just watch some tv to unwind at night. And then of course the bed was huge and comfortable so sleeping in was nice too. 

Boomtown has a Lobster Buffet that I was very excited to eat at but then William got the flu so we never got to try it. Oh well, maybe next time. They also have a Peete's Coffee right in the lobby, that was wonderful and we went there every day.

Our room was right next to the maid's closet, which was great because it meant we didn't have any noisy neighbors. This sign was on the door of the cleaning closet.  It made us laugh and reminded us of the Ching-lish signs we used to see in China... (Like these)

On our last day we decided to stop by the casino and see if we were lucky. We played a dollar in the penny machine. We were not lucky but Baby and William seemed to have fun.
Then it was off to the airport for flights number 25 and 26 of Bonnie Rose's life.
She is such a great traveler. She always has fun on the plane and hardly ever makes any noise during our flights. She loves to look out the window and wave at any people she can see during take off. 
Baby Girl likes to watch all the action at the airport
Our first flight she slept almost the whole time. She always wakes up for landing though. It's her favorite part of the flight and she always claps and makes the sign for "more" after we are completely landed.

Our second flight she was completely awake and laughed and played the whole time. She is such a happy traveler.
Baby Girl eats a cookie on the plane

This was by far the best trip we've ever had to the Truckee/Reno area. We had a lot of fun and we are looking forward to our next trip out there.

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  1. I wish I had a digital picture of you playing in mud puddles when you were a baby. Too cute, and look how much she loves them!