Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tahoe Faith Fellowship, Home Coming 85/365

On Sunday William and Bonnie Rose and I visited the church we grew up in.  I was five years old when my parents first stared going to Tahoe Faith Fellowship.
I have so many fond memories of this church and these people. Visiting is always like coming home and visiting family.

Dave and Kathy leading music, Just like when I was a child.

It was so much fun for me to watch Baby Girl dance and clap to the worship music at the beginning of the service. It reminded me of my self when I was growing up watching Dave and Kathy lead music. Baby Girl clapped and made the sign for "more" at the end of every song.

At the end of the service William and I shared a little bit about our time in China,  And after the service John and Miriam organized a lunch for everyone. We got to hang out and answer questions and get to know every one again.
Baby Girl made friends with everyone, waving and blowing kisses. She was such a little angel.
Bonita Rose with Pastor Betty (Pastor Bill's Wife)
Baby Girl was very happy about the smorgasbord. 
 We also discovered Baby Girl loves Swiss Cheese, just like her Grandpa.
Miriam did a wonderful job sharing stories about her time in China and sharing her wide selection of Chinese teas she collected when she came to visit us.
She brought traditional tea pots and about 5 different types of tea. She did a wonderful job sharing a little bit of the culture we grew to love.
Spending time with this group of people was such a wonderful experience for us. It really brought closure to our time in China. Tahoe Faith Fellowship was the only group that gave us financial support the entire time we were in China. Even in a time of so much economic hardship they always let us know they cared about us through their emails, prayers and financial support. Without them we could not have stayed in China as long as we were able to stay.

We are so so grateful to them and for them. We are blessed to be part of their family.
Tahoe Faith Fellowship

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  1. Oh! I love this story. What a wonderful homecoming.