Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Blood and Birthdays 98/365

Today William gave blood. He's got really special blood that they always want so they asked him to give a little extra.

It's been a long time since I've seen any one give blood, but it seems to have gotten a lot fancier! They have such cool machines now.

This machine takes the blood out, separates it from the plasma, and then puts the plasma back into William! In the end they have a nice bag full of red blood cells and they can take a little more than usual because they put the plasma back. And, since they processed the blood as it was being taken out, it will be ready to be used in accident victims and cancer patients tomorrow! Crazy!

Bonnie Rose thought it was great fun. She enjoyed smiling at all the friendly people.

"Look at my sticker"

Today was also Bonita Rose's 18month Birthday. My baby girl is a year and a half. How did it go by so fast! She was such a little tiny baby ...

And now she's such a big girl.

For her mini birthday we had a tea party. We all put on dress up clothes and tiaras, except William who wore a Bowler hat, and Nana made peanut butter cookies.

We got out my little tea cups from when I was a kid and they were the prefect size for Bonnie Rose.

She was so excited to have her who tea cup to drink out of.
Such a good little girl. Even has her pinkie finger up, her Daddy taught her that.
She drank two whole cups of tea before she even realized there were cookies to be played with. I'm so proud of my little darling and I'm looking forward to many more tea parties to come.

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