Friday, April 1, 2011

Family Visit 81/365

We are visiting William's Family this week.

William grew up in the most beautiful place in the world.  Every time I come back here I'm surprised how beautiful it really is here.

I have never seen a bluer sky, I have never seen so many stars, I have never seen so much snow!

William grew up in the same house all his life on the Truckee River, it's the house we used to play in together when we were kids. It's always a special feeling when we make the drive into his neighborhood and home town. 

This time there was even more special because it was Bonnie Rose's first time to visit and there are so many things we want to show her. The trees, the rocks, the hikes we used to take as kids, watching the birds from the kitchen window, and even my favorite coffee shop. Everything has fond and special memories we want to share with her.

Yesterday was a family day. We spent the day at William's parent's house and William's brother brought over his new baby. I think Bonnie Rose liked the baby even more than she liked being outside.
It's so fun having a cousin! It's amazing how small baby Colton is compared to Bonnie Rose. He's only 2 months old while she is 17 months old. It seems like such a huge age gap at this stage but in a few years they will be considered close to the same age.
We were very much enjoying watching them together and Bonnie Rose loves giving Baby Colton kisses.

Grandma Miriam was having fun with all the babies too. She's even mastered using the computer while holding a sleeping baby.
Grandpa John enjoys spending time with ...
and spoiling his grand babies.

And Miriam is enjoying fattening us all up.

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