Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cribs 92/365

Baby Girl doesn't sleep in a crib. She never has. From the day she was born she slept in our bed, and often in my arms. It works great for night nursing. She gets to nurse and I get to sleep.

When we decided to move back to the US my mom bought a crib and put it in our room. I think she's slept in it 3 times during nap time.  She's not a huge fan of it. Sometimes I can get to play in it for a few minutes while I brush my teeth or something, but for the most part she really doesn't like being in.  I've been trying to figure out different ways to help her like it.

Tonight I tried something a little different, and maybe a bit unorthodox...
I thought if we spent time together in the crib that maybe she would like it a little better. We cuddled and nursed and kissed the lama and I even gave her a little foot rub.
I'm not sure if this will help her like it any better, but at least she seemed to think it was fun. She even asked William to get in with us. Of course he did not and then baby wanted out. But at least we had a fun time together.
And now we know that I fit in the crib.  Even if Baby doesn't like it maybe I can use it if I want my own sleeping space when my two lovely red heads are taking up the whole bed.

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