Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Guardian 99/365

There is only one thing that Baby Girl loves more than flowers, and that is animals. She especially loves her "dog-doog," Yogi. Or as she calls him "Oh-gee."

Yogi is supposed to be the goat guardian. He watches over them at night, barking all night ling to let anything that would want to mess with them know that he will not allow it. He also keeps an eye on the goats all day and herds them out of areas he doesn't like them in. He keeps a very good eye on his goats.

But Yogi also thinks he's the guardian of the house and everyone in the house. When the UPS man comes Yogi chases the truck all the way down the driveway. When we go for a walk Yogi goes with us, no matter how far we go, and always keeps us in his sight.  And when we are all home safe he lays in front of the house guarding it.

Yogi is always wonderful with the baby. He follows her around and keeps her away from the edge of the porch. He keeps on eye on her when she's out with the goats, and he checks on her when she is out side playing.  I think he thinks she's one of his goats.

Baby Girl loves her Yogi. She will follow him anywhere and loves giving him kisses and hugs. When she can't be outside with him she loves looking at pictures of him, which she is doing right now.

I'm so thankful that Baby Girl is getting to grow up with all these animals. She loves them so much and they are all really good with her. I'm also very thankful for such a good dog like Yogi to keep an eye on her.

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