Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lost in Transitsion 80/365

We currently live in a nice house on a hill in the the country with lots of goats, two dogs and several cats. We've been there for 5 months. We thought that we had become well adjusted to our new life in America. We can go to the grocery store without getting lost and over whelmed in the juice isle. We can be in public places without standing too close to people or forgetting to say "excuse me" if we accidentally bump into them. We even stand in line in civilized manner....

But it seems when we do leave our hill or our small town we get a little confused. What do you mean my passport can't be used as my main form of ID? America has a lot of silly rules for a country that boasts of freedom. I can't even walk across the isle from my bag to chase my baby in the airport?

After a very long day of traveling and feeling a little out of place William asked me "Why are we so messed up?! I thought we were a lot better adjusted than this."
Well so did I, but I guess we need a bit more practice coming down off our hill of goats.

I tried to comfort William as best I could. You see, we spent ever waking moment for the past three years trying to adapt, understand and even at times mimic a completely different culture. There were times when we tried to "be Chinese." There were other times when we felt completely lost too, but we usually tried to understand those times and figure out how to we could 'fit in' better.

Anyway, that's a lot of effort put into a another culture and sometimes even to forget or let go of our own.

But now we are back in our own culture. Mostly. We are still living in the upper south of the US, which is totally different from California where we both grew up.
So I think it's going to take us a little time and maybe a little more effort to adjust back. Or maybe we just never will and we'll always feel a bit out of place where ever go.

At any rate, please forgive us if we stand too close to you in public, or if we crowd the elevator door, if we forget to how to stand in line, or if we don't have what Americans seem to think is proper ID.

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