Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A day is not enough 71/365

Yesterday our dear friends Albert and Anandit visited us from California with their daughter.

2007, when we were young.
The first time I met Anandit it was love at first site. We met in church on our second time visiting The Church of Southland. She was hard to miss with her brightly colored clothes and her gentle smile. I remember driving home from church that day and saying to William, "I think I'm in love, do you think she'll call me?"
She didn't. But we saw each other at church and talked about our common love for India. (she being from India and me just being obsessed with it)

In 2006 we became more than just friends. Anandit invited me to visit India with her. It was a trip that bonded us together as sisters. We have shared that bond and sisterly love ever since.

Since our trip to India she has graduated medical school, she got married, I moved to China, and we both had babies.  No matter how far apart we are and no matter how crappy I am at keeping in touch with my friends, she has always been a faithful friend.

Her husband Albert is pretty cool too.

The last time we saw Anandit and Albert was two years ago. We were both pregnant and it stressful transitional stages in our lives.

So much has changed over the years. I feel like I'm a completely different person than I was when I first went to India, and even just 2 years ago. It's so wonderful to be able to visit with old friends and know that no matter how life changes, and how much we change, our friendship is still strong and precious.

Yesterday we talked all day and watched our daughters play and get to know each other. We look a long walk and spent most of the day in the goat pen. We ate wonderful food that William made and marveled at the fact that we have kids now.

Our babies are just three months apart and loved following each other around and learning from each other.
Collecting rocks in the goat pen

Playing in the goat's water

getting each other very wet

Learning about the guitar from Albert

Daddy and Daughter prayer meeting

very tired little girls

A beautiful smile from a beautiful child

Bed time reading
Today Albert and Anandit are leaving. We've had the most wonderful day together and I'm so thankful for it. But a day just isn't long enough.


  1. OH!!! Bonita Rose is wearing real shoes. How is that working out?

  2. It's working out great! Ever since she started walking she's liked shoes alot more now. We have a song and a sign for them and that helped her like them. now she asks for them in the morning and likes to care them around. she likes knowing that they are hers I think. it's very cute.