Sunday, March 20, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day Part 2 68/365

Erin go braugh!! (Which means "Ireland Forever")
Erin is the Gaelic name for Ireland. When some Irish immigrants were coming through Tennessee and noticed that it looked a lot like home with it's rolling green hills and lots of rock they decided to name their towns after Ireland. This is especially true for the town of Erin.

Erin Tennessee takes great pride in their Irish ancestry.  Every year they celebrate St. Patrick's Day with a week long carnival and events. The week of celebrations ends with an Irish Day Parade that lasts for hours. 

Last year, William and I were in Shanghai for St. Patrick's Day. Chinese people do not celebrate, or really know about, St. Patrick's day. But last year there was a fun little parade put on by Irish Expats.  This year the Chinese government canceled both the Shanghai Parade and the Beijing parade. So sad and silly.

This year we were very excited to take full advantage of all the joy and magic of St. Patrick's Day... and the very very long parade in Erin.

Baby Girl wasn't so sure about being awake so early, but she sure does look cute with her Daddy man.

We got to Erin just after 9am so we could see Uncle Joe and his band play. They are very good.
Baby Girl gets some running around time in before the parade and picks flowers.
William is a very tired leprechaun waiting for the parade to start.
There was so much junk food to be enjoyed! Baby loved these "bloomin' potatoes"
I know it looks like she's scowling. But the sun is in her eyes. She did have alot of fun and loved the necklace she got from one of the floats (they were tossing them at people). She especially loved the band and the horses.
There were SO many people there! Even by Chinese standards.
It wouldn't be an Irish day without bag pipes!
And it wouldn't be a parade without a marching band.
William took this adorable picture of Bonnie Rose.
After the parade we went to say hi to Uncle Joe. She was so much younger last year when she first met him but went to him right away and laughed and smiled for him...just not for my pictures.
Bonita Rose meets Uncle Joe March 2010

It was a wonderful day. But it was hot and we were all up early. After driving around and seeing some old houses and barns we went home and took a nap.

I love living in a area that is so Irish. It's fun how many Irish festivals and parades there are here and it's fun how many red heads there are in this area. But I do think that two red heads are the best looking of all.

Before falling into bed last night we remembered that last night was the night of the "Supermoon". Apparently this is the closest the moon has been to the earth in a very long time and this is the largest it will be.  So we went out side and tried to take pictures of it.

I was not successful in capturing a picture of the Supermoon. But I did get this fun picture of William...

William, however, is a wonderful photographer and did get a great picture of it.
So Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone. I hope you got to celebrate even the slightest bit if Irishness in you and I hope you dance and frolic with spring giddy-ness in the light of this beautiful moon.


  1. It was a long day - I'm glad we didn't stay for the entire parade.

    Dad has STILL not gotten to see the Erin parade, although he has gotten to hear Joe's band (Dotson-Brown Band) play a few times. Maybe next year dad'll get to eat some bloomin' potatoes with baby and a leprechaun.

  2. Dad totally has to come next year. Maybe we'll go to the carnival too if he comes. Might be more fun for us all with him. And we can check out that upstairs restaurant.