Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Night With the Oscars 50/365

every party needs good food
 Sunday night was Oscars night.  I had been looking forward Oscars night for a very long time. Pretty much as soon as we decided we were going to move back to America I told William "and we can have an Oscars party!"

Obviously we could not watch the Oscars while we were in China, though two years ago I did spend two days downloading as many videos of Hugh Jackman (yummy yummy) hosting them as I could.

As with any time I plan a party we had way too much food, especially since it was just the three of us, plus baby, at the party.

Some of the dishes I picked because they represented nominated movies, and other dishes we just wanted because they were yummy.

Here's what we ate at our party.

Social Network Marinated Tomatoes and Olives.
 It's just three different kinds of olives, tomatoes and garlic with Balsamic Vinegar. It was very yummy.

The Kings Speech Cheese Ball
 Ok, this was something we just wanted to eat. But it's nutty and cheesy and you eat it with crackers so I thought it would do for The King's Speech. I originally wanted to make chocolate chip scones but that didn't end up working out. The cheese ball however was amazing! William did a really good job making it. It has onions, bbq sauce, pimento-stuffed green olives, and cured beef. It was all Gluten Free of course.
The Fighter Oyster Shooters

 This is something that William's family introduced me too and I totally love. We got the oyster sauce with extra horseradish so it had extra kick to it. Thus, The Fighter.

Black Swan Pavlova
This dish is the one I'm most pleased with. It was invented in 1926 in New Zealand. It was made for and named after the Russian Ballet dancer Ánna Pávlova.
It is simply heavenly. I think it's my new favorite dessert of all time.

127 Hours Mocha Cupcakes
Really, what's a party without cupcakes? I really wanted to make Oscar cupcakes with little Oscars on top of them. But there was a printer problem so instead I put flags of the Academy Award categories.  I added a shot of espresso to the chocolate cake batter,  which is why they are 127 Hour cupcakes. You know, if you have to stay awake for 127 hours you might need some espresso.

To drink we had:
The Kids Are Alright Cabernet Sauvignon
 I'm not sure if you drink this because you want to think the kids are alright or because they are actually all right. But it's my favorite wine so that's what we had.

 And finally,
Inception "Champagne" (really it was sparkling apple cider)
 Because Champagne is dreamy.

It wouldn't be an Oscars party without some glamor. So we all dressed up and took pictures in front of our "Banksy" wall.

Even baby had fun watching the show for awhile. She was even allowed to have a bit of cupcake, as you can see from the frosting still on her face.

 But then she went to much more entertaining things for her ... shapes and colors.

 Over all it was a very fun evening. Even William enjoyed the party. Maybe the wine had something to do with it, or maybe it was because we didn't have a large, or any, crowd.
 Baby got to have a sip of Nana's Champagne. (It was actually sparkling apple cider!)

 We had so much fun playing along too. Before the show started we each watched as many trailers as we could and my mom even read about each documentary and short.
We each made our predictions and kept a score sheet. It makes the whole show much more fun when you can follow along this way.

Over all, it was a great party and we all enjoyed the show. There were some great moments and some fun speeches and we all learned about movies we want to see now.

This was my most favorite speech of the night...Click Here.

We are looking forward to next year's show and already planning for next year's party. I think I'll make Chocolate Oscars next year.

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