Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Welcome Clover 51/365

Today the last of our five pregnant mother's had her baby. William went out to feed the goats and radioed in that our last pregnant goat was in labor. My mom ran out there as fast as she could but the baby was born before she even got outside. William was there for the delivery. In honor of March he named our new baby girl Clover.

You can see a picture of her on my mom's blog.

Today Baby Girl and I spent most of our day out in the goat pen.  She now thinks she's a baby goat.  She loves giving them hugs and kisses, and she really loves butting them with her head.
Bonnie Rose gives Charlie a hug
 She also loves to chase the babies around their yard and climb on anything they climb on. She pushes them off whatever they climb on so she can climb up on it. She's such a good little goat. And she smells like one too.

Bonnie Rose and her new favorite chair.

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  1. I love that pond, it makes such great pictures. Of course, I love the baby in the picture too, on her comfy little wheelbarrow chair.