Friday, March 11, 2011

Girls day out 60/365

Today was such a beautiful day. It was hard to focus on things like cleaning the house or work so me and my mom and Baby Girl decided to go for a drive.

Originally I had planned on taking a class at a local quilting shop to learn how to make quilts. But I just couldn't tear my self away from my baby girl.

Instead, we decided to take a girl's trip to the quilting shop together. Which was much more fun than going by myself.

It was really fun looking around the shop and day dreaming about all the quilting possibilities. The shop is really well organized, I LOVE when things are organized by color, with lots of different fabric and lots of sample quilts.

It was a very successful trip. Not only did we get to spend time together outside the house, but both me and my mom came home with fabric for making our own quilts.

I will be making a Turning Twenties quilt, it's a good beginner quilt, in shades of pink.

My mom's quilt will be in reds and brown. The fabric she picked out is Civil War replica fabric.
This will not be my mom's first quilt so she's going to make a more traditional quilt. Her finished quilt is really fun that I really love. She designed the pattern herself and she made center part of her squares herself with leaves from trees on her property.

Here's a close up on one of her leaf squares.  She made them by hammering leaves onto muslin.
I'm really looking forward to getting started on these quilts. It's going to be really fun to do together and it's something that's I've really been wanting to learn to do.

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