Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Technical Difficulties 14/365

Well we've had a bit of a technical difficulty. Our computer kind of freaked out yesterday and gave us the blue screen of death. Luckily for us we live with my mom who is a computer genius (not employed by apple) and she spent half the day fixing it. While I've spent the other half the day sorting through files and deleting stuff.

Anyway, the day started off as a very grumpy one because I thought all our pictures were gone and my computer was down. But there is a silver lining, a bright side, if you will allow me to play the "Glad game" (if you don't know what that is you should watch or read PollyAnna. It's wonderful)

My mom ended up finding two years worth of pictures that I thought was lost forever, including pictures from our honeymoon trip to Prague! So that is wonderful.

The computer is still a bit on the fritz though so I can't upload any pictures at the moment. Hopefully tonight I'll have something adorable of baby to post.

Now I need to go be nice to William as I was grumpy to him this morning.

OH... and don't forget, it's 20 days till Valentine's Day.

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