Saturday, January 22, 2011

Christmas comes late 12/365

Today was a good day. First of all this was the first day that Baby didn't have any more fever. She's still been a little fussy and more tired than usual but she's feeling a lot better. She took 3 naps today but she also felt well enough to ask to go on a walk. So William took her out for a long walk and she got to go out and pet the goats. Thank you every one for prayer for her.

Also, Christmas arrived later for us!!
Luke and Katie gave us a cappuccino machine for Christmas and today they also sent us espresso cups.
Started our Saturday off with some great cappuccinos

Then William took Baby for her walk and when was coming back in the house he found a package that the postman had left on the porch. The bad part about that is that my mom's dog (yogi) is really annoying and eats any mail that is left on the porch. They are supposed to put boxes in a parcel drop but sometimes they forget. Luckily William rescued the mail before Yogi ate it all.

Anyway, this package came all the way from Singapore! It's a book that our friend Shelly Bryant wrote and check it out...
William wrote the intro!
You can buy it here at and check out Shelly's Blog here.
I've already started reading the book and LOVE IT. Shelly is a wonderful writer. I'm also very impressed with William's intro. Please check it out.

Well we better get going to bed. Baby is still a little fussy from her teeth but she's doing a lot better. I'll leave you with a picture of her helping her Nana on the computer while talking on the speaker phone to Aunt Jenny.


  1. Yes. Who needs the Geek Squad when I have Bonita on speakerphone. (BOTH Bonitas!) :)

  2. Wow, that picture of me drinking coffee makes me look like an old woman in her 50s.

    Wait - I AM an old woman in my 50s. Sometimes the truth of pictures bites. Darn. I look like crap.... but the coffee was sure wonderful.