Saturday, January 15, 2011

5/365 Cleaning up, then date night

Today (Saturday) we took down the Christmas tree and put most of the Christmas decorations away. It's always sad for me when we have to put Christmas away.

But we had such a great Christmas this year and got to do all the wonderful Christmas things that we haven't been able to do in the past 3 years because we were in China. The best part was being able to spend it with family.

After we got the tree all put away William took me to the store for a little mini date and cheered me up by taking me to the Christmas sale isle. Then we spent some time reading the Valentine's Day cards.

I'm looking forward to Valentine's Day now and I think I'll even try to decorate for it a little. Plus reading funny cards always cheers me up.

Baby Bonita got to stay home with her Nana and take a long bath. Baby loves it when Nana gives her a bath because she gets to take as long as she wants and Nana lets her splash all she wants.

After we got home from the store Baby was in a really good laughing mood. Here's a picture of her playing under her blanket with her Daddy.

Doesn't she have the most perfect smile?!

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  1. The smile isn't the only marvelous feature, but probably the one that brings the most cheer to your heart. Thank you for sharing all of this with all of us.