Friday, January 14, 2011

4/365 Camp Fire cooking

William is still burning off the stumps out in the back pasture so we decided to take advantage of the open fire. We went to the store and bought some amazing Angus beef hot dogs, yams, and marshmallows and hiked out to William's fire.

William wrapped the yams in foil and buried them in the coals.
While we waited for the yams we roasted our hog dogs. They were so yummy!
Even Baby enjoyed the hot dogs and yams. She also really enjoyed that Yogi came out and sat with us while we enjoyed out dinner.

Here's an awesome picture of mom with all the hog dog roasting essentials.
Isn't she so cute!

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  1. Thanks Michelle for posting so regularly. I am enjoying it so much and these are going to be especially great as Bonita Rose grows up and she gets to see her life documented. What a great idea!