Monday, January 17, 2011

Sunday is Fun day. 6/365

Sundays are usually long days for us, but always nice. It's the day we wake up early and actually comb our hair and then go to Church. We haven't made any new friends since moving back from China and since we live a bit out side the nearest town we don't get out much. But Sundays are fun because we get to go out and see people. Even if we don't really talk to them.

We've been going to church at the local Catholic church, St. Patrick's. It's a really cute little church and the priest is so warm and friendly and sincere. It's taken Baby a little bit of time getting used to having to sit still and be quiet in church, since in China we met at our house and baby was aloud to crawl around and talk to every one, But she's been so good. The nicest part about going to this church, though, is that people really love kids and they don't mind if babies make a little (or some times a lot) of noise. Parents are never glared at or asked to step out side and we are never made to sit behind some stupid window in a separate "cry room". If babies make noise most people just ignore it, or occasionally smile at the baby and just enjoy that they are there. The Priest never gets annoyed or distracted. He just keeps on taking and occasionally talks to the kids in the congregation.

We haven't really talked to or met any one at church so far. But we're really enjoyed just being there and basking in the freedom and reverence of the service.

This Sunday was especially fun because after church we went home and William made fried catfish and Aunt Mae came over! We love spending time with Aunt Mae. She lives in town and she's so much fun to hang out with and talk to. And Baby Bonita loves her. I think it's because Aunt Mae talks to her and laughs at her jokes.

Fried Cat fish is a local specially in this area and William has gotten really good at making it. He fries it in corn meal and he secret seasoning. Aunt Mae brought the vinegar coleslaw. or "slaw" as they call it. It's made with vinegar and cabbage and is served cold. It's wonderful.
Usually, when Aunt Mae comes over she leaves right after we eat, but today she hung out and talked with us and watch a Baby Signing Time video with Bonita Rose and even went outside and looked at the goats with us. It was really nice having her stay so long and spend time with us. (did I mention we don't get out much or meet many people?) (actually she's pretty funny and we like talking to her )

Then it was nap time. William's been reading a book about dragons to me and baby. Baby loves it when he reads to us and loves falling asleep to his reading.

After our lovely nap we decided it was time to make Buckeyes! I've been wanting to make this since Christmas but we just never got around to it.

Buckeye's are Chocolate covered peanut butter balls and they are so so yummy. It was really fun making them all together because they are super easy and every one can help.

Even baby helped! Here's a picture of her laying out the papers for them.
William looks very cool mixing the peanut butter and sugar.
Then we rolled the peanut butter into balls and put them on the paper. Baby was very good at helping put the balls on the paper. Until she decided to put one in her mouth and discovered their sugary goodness.

We all had a lot of fun dipping the peanut butter balls in melted chocolate after they had sat in the freezer for a while. We even had some chocolate left over and made some chocolate dipped peppermint sticks. Then we remembered we had a Mickey Mouse ice cube tray. I'm really happy with how the Mickeys turned out.

William even put little candy hearts on some of the buckeyes. Aren't they cute!
To top off our eventful, fun Sunday we all watched a new show on TV called The Cape. My Dad had called earlier this week to tell us about it and thought we'd really like it. So I taped it and we finally got around to watching it. It's basically a comic book super hero story. I love how well my Dad knows our geeky taste. We all really enjoyed the show. It helped we had some great buckeyes to snack on while watching it.

So that was our Sunday. It was really fun and relaxing. Now I'm going to go eat a buckeye.


  1. Fun, fun, fun! Looks like you are practicing up for Valentine's Day - like unit studies for home schooling.

  2. Or maybe she's just having fun with baby. That's what makes kitchen time special, helping mama.