Monday, January 31, 2011

Chocolate Palette ::Papua New Guinea:: 21/365

 For Christmas my grandparents gave us a gift card to Trader Joe's. We were very excited about this gift and had a lot of fun spending it. We love Trader Joe's.

 One of the things we got was a collection of eight chocolate bars from around the world called a Chocolate Palette. It came with a pairing card that gives recommendations on what to eat each bar with.

Tonight we had the bar from Papua New Guinea and it was supposed to be paired with Merlot. Since I hate Merlot we had it with a dark red mixed wine. It was a Zinfandel, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Merlot mix wine from France.
And for those of you who just visit the blog to see pictures of Bonita Rose here are some pictures of Baby Girl from today...

Cuddling Mama's knee. She's such a happy, kissy girl.

And here's a picture of Rosie on her rocking horse. She's such a playful girl.


  1. Some of us are interested in everyone in your blog pictures and everything they do, but you have to admit that BR is amazing (and thank you very much for doing all of the posting that you are doing - from John). We appreciate every post that you do, but Bonita Rose is very special.

  2. Aw. Well thank you. I know Bonita is the cutest member of our house hold though. Some times I stop by the blog just to see pictures of her! hehe